Future Places, Virtual Spaces and the Slipstream

Strover, Sharon

I have spent much of the past year thinking about networks and broadband connectivity, especially about what that connectivity means in rural … read more

Worldwide Future

São Simão, Fátima

Our lives have expanded due to increasing use of Digital Media. A whole new dimension of reality is now available virtually to … read more

Emerging Directions

Gustafson, Karen

In 2008, futureplaces was created as a venue for exploring how digital media can support local culture. The past two festivals have … read more

Beyond Like: Thoughts on psychic octopi, soft superstition and wishful activism

Heitor Alvelos

Recent media activity during the 2010 world cup was indelibly marked by the presence of Paul the psychic octopus, who correctly predicted … read more

Oporto-Brooklyn Bridge

Kaly, Naomi, & Alyssa Casey

Interactive Sound Installation Conductive thread, custom electronics, speakers, wood, silver bead 270H x 400L x 25W cm 2nd Prize Winner in Future … read more


Harding, Mike

1 Vislumbrar De modo a fugir ao calor, fomo-nos gradualmente deslocando para debaixo da terra. A água arrefece-nos, mantém-nos, alimenta-nos. Mas este … read more


Dagmar Kase

The base of this essay is reality that I define as the world of everyday life which is a quality appertaining to … read more

Open Cities: an afterword.

Gunn, David

“Open Cities / Porto”  by Guillermo Brown and David Gunn  An Afterword. And 1913: Charley Patton sits, exhausted, in the boarding houses … read more

Something From Everything

Cruz, João

Every single morning after waking up I go through my daily routine of digital connectivity. Sleeping, seems to be just an hiatus … read more

The day Stop Stopped Stopping.

Anselmo Canha and Heitor Alvelos

by Anselmo Canha and Heitor Alvelos Stop Shopping Center (CCStop) opened in Porto in the early 1980´s, and soon turned out to … read more

“The future will go backwards”

Jon Wozencroft

“The future will go backwards” is a riposte to Althusser’s famous work, “L’Avenir Dure Longtemps” (translated by his American publishers as “The Future Lasts … read more


Nuno Azevedo

During the last decade of the last century it was clear that international success across a wide variety of domains was all … read more

The University of Porto and the New Media

Alves, Artur Pimenta

The University of Porto and the New Media One essential characteristic of Modern Digital Media is the fact that they are not … read more

Digital Media, Local Cultures

Strover, Sharon

People everywhere are attracted to media because we know they’re important change agents: they affect people – they arouse us emotionally, motivate … read more

Future places of action and transformation.

Ribas, Luísa

The starting point is an intrigue. The very title of the festival “Future Places” intrigues by its effect of both ‘displacing’ us … read more

No longer longing: digital media as the agent of contextual change

Heitor Alvelos

Heitor Alvelos, Summer 2009 On one year of futureplaces The very Portuguese lack of tradition of social involvement is heavily documented and … read more