Worldwide Future

São Simão, Fátima

Our lives have expanded due to increasing use of Digital Media. A whole new dimension of reality is now available virtually to everyone, increasing opportunities and threats for people. On its basis is information. Loads of data for one to absorb at the expense of time. Precious time, that is limited and which value, therefore, keeps increasing1.

The world is not faster or smaller. But, through this new powerful tool – Digital Media, we are more aware of its size and pace. If we want, we can now perceive the world much better (which doesn’t necessarily mean knowing or understanding it…). And be more and more conscious about our local circumstances.

Yet, human beings cannot assimilate and process the huge amounts of information available, exponentially growing every second. People cannot become experts on manipulating every gadget or content. It is beyond human capability to do so. So we feel cramped, frustrated, anxious that we cannot keep up with the new life rhythm. We are too busy trying to manage our time, trying to live the present. No space left to prospect the future.

We are adapting to the new era. And this means, above all, understanding our new limits2. We need to educate ourselves and to recognize what is really important to us alone and what is our role in this new networked world. And the best way to do so is to meet others and share experiences, concerns, desires. In this worldwide digital surplus and randomness, we need to look for the real specific physical places that mean something to us and establish real relationships that confirm and sustain the (possibly) fragile virtual connections. We need to feel home and to feel each other through all our senses. We need to carry on inspiring and be inspired, to touch and be touched.

Futureplaces is a privileged site of meaningful inspiration and sharing, where people and ideas met, adding value and possibilities of development to them and to the places they (will) influence. futureplaces is a home, a place where people can build together our worldwide future.



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