“De eus” | collaborative video installation

Fátima São Simão

Fátima São Simão – concept, interviews and script
Daniel Pinheiro – video
Anselmo Canha – sound
Mariana Amorim – choreography and performance
Tiago Bôto – narration

Portugal, 2014

“Given the historical modifications that are taking place it does not seem necessary that the author function remains constant in form, complexity and even in existence.”
— M. Foucault in What Is an Author?

“De eus” (of selves) is an essay on authorship and the freedom of creation.

This collaborative work is part of an on-going research on authorship and its impacts on the creation of artistic and economic value, within the Doctoral Programme in Art and Design of the Faculty of Fine Arts of University of Porto.

As a result of a series of interviews made to artists, performers, entrepreneurs, researchers and other professionals in the field of culture (including the artists involved in this project), de “eus” (the expression in the title resembles the word “god” in Portuguese – “deus”) invites to a reflection on the multiple dimensions of authorship and the complexity of rights, liberties and limits that they can enclose.

Fátima São Simão is a PhD student in Art and Design at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Porto

Video Installation: “De Eus” (Fátima São Simão) – Heterotopias: Percursos Criativos Paralelos / Exposição de Estudantes de Doutoramento em Arte e Design 2013-14 (25.07-06.08.2014)