Active citizenship and Demographics: The case of Porto

Vijay Patel

                        The importance of citizenship in the 21st Century is increasingly … read more

Que imagem representa 2016?

André Peixoto, Hugo Mesquita, Maria Inês Melo, Vijay Patel (+ ACMM 2016/17 student contributions)

Blog here. This work is a compilation of diverse images made by MSc Multimedia students at U.Porto created for the purpose of … read more

Movimento Estudantil na U.Porto, 1968-74

José Pacheco Pereira

This essay accompanies the futureplaces/Ephemera exhibition, October 18-31, 2016. Original drawing by Maria José Abrunhosa. Os estudantes do Porto lutaram contra a … read more


Heitor Alvelos

Footnotes in anticipation of FuturePlaces 2016 MOBS Not the angry crowd, quite the contrary: mobilisation. Ways of action in 2016. Activism is becoming … read more

Why it makes sense to speak of emancipation

Heitor Alvelos, Anselmo Canha, Fátima São Simão

An overview of futureplaces as a current space for Punk to rise and reinvent Heitor Alvelos, Anselmo Canha, Fátima São Simão We begin … read more

Benevolent Anger, part 1

Abhishek Chatterjee

For a first timer in Futureplaces, there was much to like. The fervour of the organizers was clearly evident from the beginning, … read more

“De eus” | collaborative video installation

Fátima São Simão

Fátima São Simão – concept, interviews and script Daniel Pinheiro – video Anselmo Canha – sound Mariana Amorim – choreography and performance … read more

Hide and Never Seek

Ece Canli

Ece Canli “Is there anyone in this room that says ‘I don’t have anything to hide’?” asks Jillian York as a prelude … read more

Dissolution as Reinvention

Heitor Alvelos

Heitor Alvelos, November 2014 Last May I was invited to present a keynote address at Festival de la Imagen in Manizales, Colombia. … read more

Coding as Cooking

Sara Moreira

Sara Moreira (@saritamoreira) «Code is not purely abstract and mathematical;it has significant social, political, and aesthetic dimensions.»10print.orgIn the aftermath of Analog Software.The … read more

Antifluffy presents BEFORE BEFORE SURGERY


Cassette edition in association with The Tapeworm. Recorded at FUTUREPLACES 2013, distributed free at FUTUREPLACES 2014. All information here.

Cultura de la diversidad y pedagogía social

Pablo Peinado

Somos muchas las personas que deseamos construir un mundo mejor, que queremos que esta empresa colectiva que es nuestro planeta, nuestro país, … read more

Stanza at futureplaces 2010


I was invited to go and talk and exhibit Sensity for Future Places 2010 in Portugal Sensity. This artwork gathers data … read more

Chance Ops

Blaine L. Reininger

The following is the text of a lecture I gave to the assembled masses of the Future Places Festival in Porto, Portugal, … read more

Viral Animation, Trash Avant-garde and the Symbolic Capital of our worst traits: Bruno Aleixo as a possible template for Design in 2010.

Heitor Alvelos and Nuno Martins

We begin by positing the possible inadequacy of “design” as a term to outline an activity, a profession, in 2010. New media … read more

Text to be Named

Carvalho, Ana, Marc Behrens and Heitor Alvelos

A Conversation as Storytelling through Questions and Answers Ana Carvalho, Marc Behrens and Heitor Alvelos Ana Carvalho and Marc Behrens wrote “Each … read more

written europe and ciudad escrita

Riaza, Belén González

Collective research and creation projects on signs in public spaces: the role of new technologies in preserving cultural heritage and in opening … read more

The Lo-Fi Phenomenon – Analogue versus Digital in the Creative Process

Taylor, Phil

This paper is written as a response to feedback and discussion following a presentation by the author at the 2009 Future Places … read more

Hiperbarrio Colombia


Hiperbarrio is a community of young bloggers from Medellín Colombia who use public libraries as the meeting point to exchange ideas and … read more

It’s the Ecostopy, Stopid.

Canha, Anselmo

On October 2nd 2010, the night of a concert by rock band U2 in Coimbra, the musicians of the Stop Shopping Mall … read more