Project website here. Citadocs is a collective that uses audiovisual narratives — made about, for and by citizens — to document communities … read more

Mementos from a Better Future

Project blog here. You are welcome to participate. Submit! Some thoughts about the Present Let us posit there are sufficient resources on Earth … read more

The FuturePlaces Impromptu All-Stars Orchestra

A highly volatile yet highly driven community of local musicians and visitors perform at FUTUREPLACES every year since its first edition in 2008. … read more

Porto Pelo Porto

A website, an exhibition, a permanent collective research project.


Project site here. Lalaland (definition) A fictional, nonphysical place where people out of touch with reality live and where nonsensical ideas come from; often … read more


EDEN is a permaculturalist farm being set up at UPTEC PINC by a group of PhD Design students and UPTEC entrepreneurs, in … read more


Ethno-Media-Scapes is a long-term initiative of a group of people who are interested in raising awareness of the unconscious sounds and images from … read more


DOC4CITIZENS is a living archive that was born out of the Rescuing Oral Memory workshop, held in 2014 by Daniel Brandão and … read more


Project page here The design of futureplaces is itself a journey, sometimes a snapshot of the zeitgeist, sometimes in opposition to it, sometimes … read more


Antifluffy is the mascot of FUTUREPLACES since 2013. A portfolio blog marks its space, but the project evolves in all directions, including … read more


EYE FOR THE FUTURE is an ongoing visual essay on the various editions of FUTUREPLACES, curated by the one individual who has definitely witnessed … read more

The Barcelos Punkock

Citizen Lab held in 2014 by Júlio Dolbeth, contributing to Portugal Portefolio with ready-made variations of the Barcelos Cock out of the … read more

The Fountain Project

The Fountain Project emerged out of an informal, multi-disciplinary round table at FuturePlaces 2014. Artists, communicators, cultural operators and engineers were looking … read more


Project page HERE Design Advanced Resources, DAR, is a non-profit association that promotes Open Design. DAR proposes a free, inclusive and creative … read more

Rua da Conceição

Blog here. A project on traditional commerce, derived from the MicroPortugal Citizen Lab in late 2013. A derive brought the two authors in … read more

Radio Manobras Futuras

RMF2014 AUDIO DIARIES HERE. Radio Manobras interviews Radio Manobras Futuras: to be broadcast soon. The transcript will be uploaded here. Radio Manobras Futuras … read more


PIU is a project that aims to transform urban spaces and turn them into dialog locations by inviting people to show/hide what … read more

Portugal Portefolio – Depict Portugal

Depict Portugal wants to create contemporary iconography to represent Portuguese identity. From recent phenomena of ethnographic identity that pop out most of … read more

Museum of Ransom

The Museum of Ransom aims at collecting videos of local daily life, made by anyone with more or less skills, using any … read more


In The 60s there was Motown, a self-professed music factory. In 2012, the music label 3:33 is born, and the factory is … read more