Antifluffy is the mascot of FUTUREPLACES since 2013. A portfolio blog marks its space, but the project evolves in all directions, including music releases, video sketches and live appearances. A Facebook page is also available.


ANTIFLUFFY is a critique of the current culture of entertainment and the paradoxical labyrinths of late consumerism. Antifluffy gets down and dirty, visceral in the face of fluff. Whether disemboweling magnetic tape or analogue photographs, delivering impassioned manifestos or crooning away in recruitment mode, Antifluffy is an invitation to rise above the bore of derivative karaoke, the endless re-packaging of interchangeable autotune divas, photoshopped selfies, cute pseudo-eroticism, the sugar-coated shoving of ideology onto the slums of digital iHallucination.

After a few draft conceptual variations, Antifluffy came of age as a mascot for FuturePlaces 2013, through the team conspiracy of Heitor Alvelos, Anselmo Canha, Teresa Serôdio, Bruce Geduldig and Bernadette Martou. It has since taken on the most various shapes and guises, and is currently developed by a lucky few as a soap opera posterboy, proto-politician, academic subject, death metal singer, beat poet, selfie slave, the ghost of analogue warmth, prophet of catastrophe. It occasionally tours with Tuxedomoon as Tapeman.
An interview with Antifluffy for Global Voices can be read HERE.