PIU is a project that aims to transform urban spaces and turn them into dialog locations by inviting people to show/hide what they have to say. The project takes two different shapes: an analog version and a digital one.

Analog PIU – We take the streets carrying (physical) speech balloons, in which we ask the passers-by to write anything they wish. We document these moments through photography and make the images available in our site and facebook page.

Digital PIU – It takes the shape of a bench, where 3 or more people can sit. This bench incorporates 3 different LCD screens showing speech balloons. Thereʼs a comical illusion that those who are sitting on the bench are communicating through these digital speech balloons. The balloons show messages remotely (they can be anonymous) sent through Twitter – using the hashtag #piuurbano – or through our site piurbano.com. Anyone, anywhere is free to send messages!