Your Place called Future

Some of you will be randomly invited to cover futureplaces.

DAR podcast team will cover Futureplaces.

One program will be dedicated to preview FP2015: on the 20th we will go live with the organizers and curators.

We will record tow programs during the festival.

We will go live online, streaming and collecting participants subjective views and reports. This will be done by express, documented and random invitations that will differ according to the activity taking place and the location.

DAR is an open design resources repository materialized in a non-profit association. DAR activities aim open design and open culture.

Who may be interested in joining?
who knows?

Prior skills needed:
we hope not.
Participants should attend FP labs, conferences, exhibitions and concerts.

At the end of the lab, participants will have:
live and online content that will perpetuate the futureplaces experience.

No instructions - No Instructors.
ScheduleThroughout FP2015.
Location All over FP2015.
Participants: all we contact previously and randomly on location.