Rescuing Oral Memory

Citadocs @ São Vítor:
Mini-documentaries about São Vítor’s “ilhas”.

Porto is a city with a lot of ilhas (small historical enclaves from the industrialization era). They are a vivid heritage of the inhabitants’ solidarity. In parallel we realize that the gentrification phenomenon is a prominent reality: sooner or later, the genuineness and the architectural identity of those “illhas” will be lost. Our aim is to map these places with mini-documentaries about current socio-cultural environments in the ilhas, with a focus on the great concentration that exists in Rua de São Víctor, near the historical Fontainhas neighbourhood.

Who may be interested in joining?
Documentarists, filmmakers, ethnographers, graphic designers, multimedia artists, journalists. And citizens.

Prior skills needed:

Participants should bring:
Laptop (with an audio editor software: Audacity is freeware; and a video editor software); own external hard drive, sound recorder and at least a camera microphone)

At the end of the lab, participants will have:
documentary skills, ethnographic skills, editing skills.

Coordination Vanessa Rodrigues Ana Clara Roberti Daniel Brandão
Schedule21 October, 2-5PM 23 October, 2-5PM
Location 21 Oct: Rua de São Vítor (meet at Praça da Alegria) 23 Oct: UPTEC PINC co-work Praça Coronel Pacheco 2 4050-453 Porto | Portugal

Maximum number of participants: 20

No registration needed.