Designing Open Business Models 

Orientation and Goals

  • Introduce Creative Commons and open business models work.
  • Goal setting for the day.
  • Parking fears of openness.

Getting model design juices flowing

  • Using real case studies interactively explore how open business models work including examples from open source software, museums, authors, large platforms and other businesses.
  • Explore and explain the rationale, benefits, and models of open businesses.
  • Introduce the think different approach required for open business models design.

Building blocks individual business models

  • Introduce the building blocks for what an open business model is.
  • Review the core questions to ask in building out each component of an open business model.
  • Using a template provided each participant designs a preliminary open business model for their institutions involvement with OERu.
  • Additional design components developed based on time.

Open Business Model Design Sharing

  • Group sharing of individual business models.
  • Discussion of similarities and differences.
  • Open business model gallery.

Next Steps

  • Strategies for implementation.
  • Testing the model out.
  • Iterating open business models.
Coordination Paul Stacey
Schedule22 October, 10:30AM - 4:30PM
Location UPTEC Central Rua Alfredo Allen 455/461 4200-135 Porto

Registration is free but required via comunicacao @ uptec . up . pt