A Community Radio under construction

Rádio Manobras Futuras: a community radio under construction

As the airwaves get more and more crowded, creativity can become an endangered resource. Radio programming is dominated by “scientific” approaches that set strict boundaries on content and style and aim at maximizing audiences by removing the “risks” that experimenting might carry. Community/free radio stations can bring the much needed space for specialized, niche, experimental and freeform programming. These stations face some rather unique challenges from day one, including funding, personnel, technical issues and legal protection.

During the FuturePlaces festival, Rádio Manobras Futuras will not only broadcast the festival’s activities on 91.5 MHz but will also be a live radio lab. Four public sessions will be held regarding the specific challenges faced by community radios and a resulting work plan is going to be presented, focused on the growth and development of Rádio Manobras within the city and the country’s specific context on the years to come regarding the future of radio.

Information on community radio projects, if existing, is welcome.


A consortium of Rádio Zero, Rádio Manobras and Radiofutura

  • 18 Oct, 10AM - 12PM (briefing + lab)
    Social context, legal frame and international study cases
  • 18 Oct, 3PM - 5PM (lab):
    Technical and sustainability challenges
  • 19 Oct, 10AM - 12PM (lab):
    Communication/image and work flow organization
  • 19 Oct, 3PM -5PM (lab):
    Editorial project
  • 20 Oct, 3PM (presentation of outcomes)

Maus Hábitos
Rua Passos Manuel 178 - floor 4
4000-382 Porto


Free Registration. Maximum 10 participants. No specific requirements.