Action figures stop motion

In this workshop we will make collaborative stop-motion animations with a modular construction kit provided on site. With this kit – composed out of laser cut figures and CNC printed tracks that can be easily mounted – we will bring “action figures” to the streets of Porto, exploring their interaction with the locals and with their different surroundings.

The modular figures have their origin in the DITs’ website* and allow the participants to “mix and match” their own characters and settings. The short animations will be combined into different films (mix and match shorts) which will be screened at the final presentation and also made available online.

* Do It Together {Space, Site & Share}

Coordination Rita Sá
Schedule30 Oct, 2 - 5PM 1 Nov, 10AM - 1PM
Location Meet @ UPTEC PINC
Maximum number of participants: 8 Participants should bring: digital camera and/or audio recording device (this is not a requirement as some equipment is available)