Stories of Chairs

Stories of Chairs invites you and everyone to share ideas, stories and reveries about the Chair, this object that accompanies us every day of our lives, through images, words, sounds and experiences.

Stories of Chairs wants to participate in the reinvention and promotion of narratives around the chair and the furniture industry of Northern Portugal, sharing stories and life histories and, above all, uniting the community (both local and global) through their creativity and participatory communication.

It’s an online ground for participation, a museum of individual and collective heritages. Content generated in this lab will be permanently exhibited in the project website and take part in the Stories of Chairs exhibition.

A Chair Clinic and its Chair Doctors will also be in operation.

Participants should bring: creativity and a willingness to find and tell a good story. They can also bring a camera, a laptop, a pencil or a recorder.

Coordination Jorge Pereira
Schedule18 Oct, 10AM (briefing) 19 Oct, 10AM-1PM (lab) 20 Oct, 3PM (outcomes)
Location Edifício Almeida Garrett (Room 15), Praça Coronel Pacheco 4050-453 Porto
Free Registration