Powerpointers Anonymous

Starting from previous critical debates about the ubiquity of slide deck software, participants will discuss alternatives and perhaps devise new ways of presenting their ideas.

Even the most conscious users often fail to properly interrogate their slideware habit. In this workshop/support group inspired by Edward Tufte, we’ll discuss how “the cognitive style of PowerPoint corrupts within”, as well the common fallacy of blaming the user for a tool’s constraints. Starting from a brief discussion of the findings of the first Powerpointers Anonymous and follow-up contributions at https://powerpointersanon.wordpress.com/, participants will be challenged into devising ways of sharing ideas to audiences without the use of slideware, attempting to tap into the yet unrealized potential of digital media.

Can it be done?

Participants must bring:
Their frustrations with current technology
Ideas to share
Writing/drawing materials and/or laptop computers.

Coordination Eduardo Morais
ScheduleFriday 20 Oct session 1: 10AM-1PM session 2: 3-6PM
Location UPTEC PINC PhDDesign studio Praça Coronel Pacheco 2 4050-453 Porto | Portugal