33 Remixes in 3 Hours

Original briefing:

Create your instant analogue remix of a 7” single! Participants will work directly on vinyl copies in order to produce instant remixes of songs on old vinyl bought at a flea market in Porto.

No materials or prior experience necessary.

The lab began with a short historical, conceptual and technical introduction to vinyl, its mechanics and possibilities for subversion. Some of the participants had contact with vinyl and turntables for the first time in their lives.

Participants were then encouraged to use available tools to transform the sound by working directly on the vinyl surface: keys, x-acto blades, sandpaper, masking tape.

Subsequent to this exercise, participants re-created the 7″ single covers by drawing on them with felt-tip markers.

A short listening/sample session ensued. “Pray for the needle!”, we said. And the prayers worked, the needle survived.

The whole thing was over in one hour and a half, so we’d have time to join the next event in Campanhã. Words such as “fun”, “enlightening” and “liberating” were heard.

The re-invented audio can be heard here:


Coordination Heitor Alvelos
ScheduleFriday 20 Oct, 3-6PM
Location UPTEC PINC Garden pavilion Praça Coronel Pacheco 2 4050-453 Porto | Portugal