Powerpointers Anonymous: can we kick the slideware habit?

Participants will devise ways to present and share their ideas outside of the Powerpoint/Keynote mould.

Even the most aware of the digerati often descend into the slideware habit. In this workshop/support group, we’ll discuss, after Tufte, how “the cognitive style of PowerPoint corrupts within” and the fallacy of blaming the user. Participants will be challenged into devising ways of sharing ideas to audiences without the use of slideware, attempting to tap into the often unrealized potential of digital media. Can it be done?

Who may be interested in joining?
All welcome.

Prior skills needed:

Participants should bring:
* Ideas to share.
* Laptops and/or writing and drawing material.

At the end of the lab each participant will have gained a critical understanding of how software can limit our language and shape our thinking. Each participant will expand his or her own communicative toolkit, and presentation skills via the mutual sharing of experiences and devising of rhetorical methods.

Coordination Eduardo Morais
Schedule23 October, 10AM - 1PM + 2-5PM
Location UPTEC PINC Praça Coronel Pacheco 2 4050-453 Porto | Portugal

Maximum number of participants: 16

No registration needed.