A Lexicon for the Future

Everyone can and does designing: you bring your language skills, we’ll bring the designer in you.

This citizen lab is an open conceptual design workshop revolving around Speed Ideation (concept generation) and the lingual facilitation of coordination of meaning between members of community. It aims to work with an audience of citizens, both those visiting and those involved with enacting FUTUREPLACES medialab, in order to produce a lexicon – in physical and/or digital medium – of what “future places” may be, or possibly mean in the future, in terms of defined experiences or framed design proposals. That lexicon could be check on a yearly basis to see if language is indeed reality producing as well as assist in curating and planing future editions of the medialab.

Who may be interested in joining?
All citizens.

Prior skills needed:
Mildly reasonable English skills.

Participants should bring:
A computer with accessibility to internet, and one meaningful man-made artefact brought from home.

At the end of the lab, participants will know how to Speed Generate ideas and concepts; they will have a collection of ideas to develop and follow on, either as a hobby or as commercially, and the memory of a stimulating and entertaining experience.

Image: I/U by João Bento (photo by yodalux)



Coordination Yoad David Luxembourg
Schedule23 October, 9:30AM-1:30PM
Location UPTEC PINC PhDDesign studio Praça Coronel Pacheco 2 4050-453 Porto | Portugal

Maximum number of participants: 20

No registration needed.