Forgotten City

With reports pointing out a significant percentage of vacant houses in the heart of Porto, the extent of local urban negligence remains mostly unquantified.

The Portuguese Transparency Hackday group (an informal collective dedicated to public data and local policy) has been discussing the problem for some time, and we propose a hands-on session to help make this issue visible and public.

We’ll be scouting for abandoned, derelict and/or vacant property in downtown Porto.

After that, a new online mapping platform will be unveiled, and we’ll dive in to publish the data collected in our group reconnaissance. The workshop will end with the official launch of this website, inviting the general public to take part in the unearthing of Porto’s forgotten places.

Participants should bring: laptop (optional)


Manufactura Independente and

  • 18 Oct, 10AM - 2PM (briefing + lab)
  • 20 Oct, 3PM (presentation of outcomes)

Edifício Almeida Garrett (Room 14)
Praça Coronel Pacheco
4050-453 Porto

Free Registration