Festival program: Thursday, Oct 14

All events are free. Just show up!


Bruce Pennycook

The impact of New Media in Music Creativity

Keynote address.

@ Maus Habitos. Rua Passos Manuel 178 – 4º

3:30 – 6pm

The Future Translated: wider perspectives, micro-developments

Presentations and conversations:

Robert Appleton – Vortex. Visual Aural Textual. One Language.

Mike Harding – From Sputnik to drone

Stanza – Future spaces: real time cities and mediated data for art in Public Spaces

Susana Barreto – Worlds of difference: local culture, global change

Karen Gustafson and Susana Barreto – On the work of the International School on Digital Transformation

Verónica Orvalho – LIFEisGAME: LearnIng of Facial Emotions usIng Serious GAMEs

@ Maus Hábitos. Rua Passos Manuel 178 – 4º



An interactive performance by Sem Palco:

Peer-To-Peer addresses the relationship between humans and technology, and is directed by Sérgio Brás D´Almeida and Eduardo Morais.

@ Maus Hábitos. Rua Passos Manuel 178 – 4º


FuturePlaces 2010 Exhibition opening and reception

A showcase of the best pieces submitted to futureplaces 2010. Over 100 submissions were made from all over the world. These are the pieces that address the issue of digital media and local cultures in the most effective ways, selected by a wide international jury panel.

Works by:

Roberto Bottazzi, Tobias Klein and Tasos Varoudis

Yago de Quay

Pedro Fernandes

Hiperbarrio – Colombia

Laura Malacart



Matti Pohjonen & Shabina Aslam

@ Maus Habitos. Rua Passos Manuel 178 – 4º


A showcase of MADATAC (Muestra Abierta de Arte Audiovisual Contemporaneo), with projections of various winning entries of video-art from its first edition. An overall preview of activities and premises of Madatac II, taking place in Madrid between December 1 – 4, 2010.

Presented by Iury Lech, director

@ Passos Manuel. Rua Passos Manuel 137

>> party until…….