futureplaces opening concert + party: tonight at Passos Manuel. free.

10pm onwards.

@ Passos Manuel. Rua Passos Manuel 137

Concert: Glimmer

Jana Winderen – sound

Mike Harding – narration

In not too long, the surface of the earth may be uninhabitable. Food may not be grown on the surface; the air is thick with toxins. The plankton, basis for all life in the oceans, is diminished, the ice caps have melted and most dry land has disappeared under water…

Many humans will survive, of course; there are too many of us. The elite will, perhaps, take to the skies, and search other planets; but there will also a development of underneath the water and above water habitats who will need to establish a new social order, communications and structures in their communities.

And of course it is from the seas that humanity came millions of years ago… but will anything remain of the human endeavour apart from our detritus? The world is much much older that we thought… and in time it will repair itself.

This fictional sound and text piece conjects this tableau. Radio, for example, could become some kind of spyglass on the old world. The atmosphere will be thick with pressure and the sense of within and underwater-ness will pervade all thought and memory.

Mike Harding reads text and uses radio to describe aspects of this state of communal existence from the perspective of an old man who has lived in both worlds.

Jana Winderen uses her underwater and other field recordings to describe the sense of otherness in this community.

[Photo by Sohrab]