Porto, Portugal, nicknamed “the Northern Capital”, is definitely a Future Place. A lot has been bubbling up in this city for the last decade.

Porto hosts the most visited museum in Portugal (Serralves), a huge and incredibly popular music venue (Casa da Música), a buzzing club scene (Passos Manuel and Maus Hábitos), and the country’s largest University (Universidade do Porto). Old spaces are constantly being transformed into hubs of creativity (C.C.Stop).

Mixing Centuries-old tradition and a contemporary poise, Porto is famous for its wines, food, monuments and a dazzling landscape by the riverside. But it is currently just as famous for its thriving international music scene, performance spaces and unbeatable shopping bargains.

If you have never been to Porto, prepare to be surprised. If you already know Porto, join us at futureplaces and explore it further!

Information and documentation on the Future Places venues will be uploaded here regularly. For now, we introduce…


Rua Passos Manuel 178 – 4º, Porto

Nearest subway: Bolhão

An alternative cultural space opened in 1998 in downtown Porto. Anything goes at Maus Hábitos: from vegetarian lunch to laptop orchestras, from stand-up comedy to avant-garde exhibitions. A friendly and relaxed atmosphere makes one feel immediately welcome. That, and free wireless!

(photo by Rui Espírito)


Rua Passos Manuel 137, Porto
nearest subway: Bolhão

Formerly a movie theater in downtown Porto, it reopened in 2004 after extensive redecoration, while keeping its original architectural style. It is now a bar, a concert venue and a club… and still a movie theater. The coolest nightspot in Porto, where urban hipsters can be found on a regular basis drafting up their creative projects.

(photo by Prentiss Riddle)


Rua do Heroísmo 333, Porto

Nearest subways: Campo 24 de Agosto / Heroismo

Actually, a former shopping center. As it gradually went out of business, local music bands from all genres took over from the early 90s onwards. It currently boasts over one hundred bands using the former stores as rehearsal rooms; strangely, it is still very much under the radar, it is one of Porto’s best kept secrets.

(photo by Anselmo Canha)


Avenida Rodrigues de Freitas 265, Porto
nearest subway: Campo 24 de Agosto

The School of Fine Arts of the University of Porto is located in the Eastern sector of town, a five minute walk from Maus Hábitos.


(photo by Luís Barbosa)