Future Places 2010: Program


Porto, Portugal

October 12-16, 2010



except *workshops (Oct 12+13)

This program is still subject to minor changes. check back for the latest updates.


(nonstop Oct 12 – 16 @ Maus Habitos)


the official radio station of futureplaces 2010: 91.5 FM + //radiozero.pt

live broadcast. interactive. welcoming. come do radio with radiofutura during the festival.

t-shirt lab

futureplaces t-shirts printed on the spot. bring your own blank shirts, your own printed shirts (and create a double-layer communication device) or get your own right here.

food lab

a journey through flavors and foods, prepared by futureplaces participants. every now and then.

impromptu activities

including “the octopus wall”. coordinated by Marianne Baillot and Ana Carvalho.


*WORKSHOPS (by registration)

10am – 5pm

WORKSHOP 1: Uncovering Urban Stories: the Story in the Mirror

Tutors: Valentina Nisi, Ian Oakley (Madeira-ITI / Carnegie Mellon|Portugal)

2 days. 50 euros

@ Curso de Jornalismo e Ciências da Comunicação, Praça Coronel Pacheco 8, sala 313

2 – 5pm

WORKSHOP 2: Mobile, Digital, Cooperative : radiate yourself

Tutors: Radio Zero – Ricardo Reis, Paulo Raposo, Udo Noll, Filipe Roque, Gil Brandão

2 afternoons. 30 euros

@ Maus Habitos. Rua Passos Manuel 178 – 4º

10am – 5pm

WORKSHOP 3: Collaboratory: Neighborhood Science

Tutors: MediaLab Prado, Blaine L. Reininger, Anselmo Canha

2 days. 50 euros

@ C.C.STOP. Rua do Heroísmo


*WORKSHOPS 1, 2, 3 continue (as above)

10am – 5pm

WORKSHOP 4: Introduction to Android development

Tutors: Sapo

1 day. 30 euros

@ FBAUP. Avenida Rodrigues de Freitas 265

10pm onwards


@ Passos Manuel. Rua Passos Manuel 137

Includes concert, party, DJs, videos, networking


Concert: Glimmer

Jana Winderen – sound

Mike Harding – narration

@ Passos Manuel. Rua Passos Manuel 137

In not too long, the surface of the earth may be uninhabitable. Food may not be grown on the surface; the air is thick with toxins. The plankton, basis for all life in the oceans, is diminished, the ice caps have melted and most dry land has disappeared under water…

Many humans will survive, of course; there are too many of us. The elite will, perhaps, take to the skies, and search other planets; but there will also a development of underneath the water and above water habitats who will need to establish a new social order, communications and structures in their communities.

And of course it is from the seas that humanity came millions of years ago, but will anything remain of the human endeavour apart from our detritus? The world is much much older that we thought… and in time it will repair itself.

This fictional sound and text piece conjects this tableau. Radio, for example, could become some kind of spyglass on the old world. The atmosphere will be thick with pressure and the sense of within and underwater-ness will pervade all thought and memory.

Mike Harding reads text and uses radio to describe aspects of this state of communal existence from the perspective of an old man who has lived in both worlds.

Jana Winderen uses her underwater and other field recordings to describe the sense of otherness in this community.


2:30 pm

Bruce Pennycook: The impact of New Media in Music Creativity

Keynote address.

@ Maus Habitos. Rua Passos Manuel 178 – 4º

3:30 – 6pm

The Future Translated

Presentations and conversations

@ Maus Habitos. Rua Passos Manuel 178 – 4º

Talks with International School on Digital Transformation, Verónica Orvalho, Robert Appleton, Mike Harding, and more.

Project presentation: Stanza – Future spaces: real time cities and mediated data for art in Public Spaces



An interactive performance by Sem Palco:

Peer-To-Peer addresses the relationship between humans and technology, and is directed by Sérgio Brás D´Almeida and Eduardo Morais.

@ Maus Hábitos. Rua Passos Manuel 178 – 4º


FuturePlaces 2010 Exhibition opening and reception

A showcase of the best pieces submitted to futureplaces 2010. Over 100 submissions were made from all over the world. These are the pieces that address the issue of digital media and local cultures in the most effective ways, selected by a wide international jury panel.

@ Maus Habitos. Rua Passos Manuel 178 – 4º



A showcase of MADATAC (Muestra Abierta de Arte Audiovisual Contemporaneo), with projections of various winning entries of video-art from its first edition. An overall preview of activities and premises of Madatac II, taking place in Madrid between December 1 – 4, 2010.

Presented by Iury Lech, director

@ Passos Manuel. Rua Passos Manuel 137

>> party until…….


11am onwards

Type the Future

An outdoor project by ±

near Maus Habitos. Praça dos Poveiros.

What can be written about the future? Anything and everything.

We will build the word “FUTURO”, large-size in a public space, through the merging of dozens of characters that can be re-arranged by anyone, in order to convey new words and sentences.

These characters can be moved around the space and thus materialize the individuals ideas through deconstruction, re-contextualization, reinvention. The Futuro/Future thus becomes an endless construction of forms and content.


Calling All Futures

Presentations and conversations.

Talks with the authors represented at futureplaces 2010 exhibition.


Siva Vaidhyanathan: Texmati, Terroir, and Technology: The Challenges to Local Culture in a Wired World.

Keynote address.

@ Maus Habitos. Rua Passos Manuel 178 – 4º

5:30 – 7pm

Calling All Futures

Presentations and conversations.

@ Maus Habitos. Rua Passos Manuel 178 – 4º

Talks with futureplaces workshop leaders and participants. Presentation of workshop outcomes.

3 – 7pm


Presented by Digitopia

Collective jam session based on digital interfaces developed by Digitopia, where users can go on an audio journey though the city of Porto by using their sense of touch to activate sounds from various parts of the city. All are welcome to join (and bring your laptops if you wish).

@ Maus Habitos. Rua Passos Manuel 178 – 4º


Official futureplaces gala

@ Coliseu do Porto, salão Ático. Rua Passos Manuel 137

dinner + drinks + networking: 30€ (registration @ Maus Hábitos)


Tune in Futura: Car Tuning Orchestra

A concert performed by cars.

@ Garagem Passos Manuel. Rua Passos Manuel 178

Tune In Futura @ 91.5 MHz is a live invitation to listen and participate. Nowadays radio lives mostly in cars, one of the remaining spaces where radio waves still rule unquestioned. Tune In Futura is a continuous challenge throughout the whole futureplaces festival, but it converges in this concert. On the top floor of the Passos Manuel Garage, three cars will “speak”, tuned in to 91.5FM, addressing the audience with all their available potency through their custom-made sound systems. The Radio and the Car rehearse a performative symbiosis, as literal and symbolic vehicles for the expression of the festival´s participating musicians, in a celebration of above-ground culture.

12am onwards

The City as an Organ

Concert based on the experiments of prior jam sessions. Directed by Digitopia.

@ Maus Habitos. Rua Passos Manuel 178 – 4º

>> party until…….


10am onwards

It´s Raining Families

An outdoor performance-photography project by Pablo Peinado and Abajo Izquierdo

near Maus Habitos. Praça dos Poveiros.

We live in a diverse and complex world, and families are a reflection of this world: nowadays we have an astonishing diversity of family and relationship models, a diversity that was unthinkable in the past. Our social and political systems make it possible for each person to build their own life according to their wishes, in a continuous search for happiness and personal fulfillment. It´s Raining Families proposes to reflect this search process by presenting and celebrating this diversity of family structures. An ocean of relationships that Porto can reveal, and which will translate in the future in the shape of an exhibition and a participatory website where people can tell their stories, their narratives, their ideas.

This project has been previously presented in Rivas Vaciamadrid and A Coruña. It now arrives in Portugal to create a celebration in which the protagonists are the citizens, as well as freedom and diversity, the main guests of this photographic installation that will take place in the streets of Porto.


Sound embracing context

A talk by Marc Behrens

Parallel perception, exercising to step outside your own confinements, and back in; location specificity turned into narrative; personal research embedded into sound.

@ Maus Habitos. Rua Passos Manuel 178 – 4º

3:30 – 6pm


Presentations and discussions around projects that promise to change the city.

Including: C.C.Stop, MediaLab Prado, P.INC/UPTEC, Hacker communities, OA-SRN, Público, Finding Fundão, and more

@ Maus Habitos. Rua Passos Manuel 178 – 4º

3:30 – 6pm

Future Listening

Collective jam session coordinated by Blaine L.Reininger. All welcome to join (bring your instruments).

@ Maus Habitos. Rua Passos Manuel 178 – 4º


Blaine L. Reininger speaks

Keynote address.

I plan to explore the use of aleatory and random systems in the composition of music and text. I will show how I have used them in my own work, demonstrate their use, and encourage participants to devise and apply their own systems of random compositional input. I will also explore some philosophical and spiritual implications of the inclusion of random input in the compositional process, and demonstrate computer applications which incorporate these techniques.

@ Maus Habitos. Rua Passos Manuel 178 – 4º


Launch of futureplaces monograph.

Closing remarks.

@ Maus Habitos. Rua Passos Manuel 178 – 4º

10:30pm onwards

The Future Starts Here

@ Maus Habitos. Rua Passos Manuel 178 – 4º

Closing event and party.

Concert by Blaine L. Reininger and the futureplaces impromptu all-stars orchestra, including Digitopia and PostStop musicians collective.


Concert: Leif Elggren and Kent Tankred (in association with TRAMA festival)

@ Maus Habitos. Rua Passos Manuel 178 – 4º

[photo by David Trullo]