Future Places 2009: People

This is a historical archive of material from Future Places 2009.

Here is where you’ll read about the people of Future Places 2009.


Heitor AlvelosHeitor Alvelos

Heitor Alvelos has a PhD in media culture from the Royal College of Art in London. He is Professor of Design at the University of Porto, and Associate Director of ID+: Institute of Research in Design, Media and Culture. His main research areas are collaborative media, post-subcultural environments and cultural criminology.

Heitor works with music projects and media labels, including: Touch (UK), Cronica Electronica (Portugal), Autodigest (AWOL) and un (Portugal). Current curatorship includes Nomadic.0910 – meetings between art and science, and the 2011 Conference of the European Academy of Design.

Karen Gustafson

Karen Gustafson is the University of Texas-based manager of the Digital Media Program of the UT Austin|Portugal Program. She completed her PhD in Radio-Television-Film in 2006, with major topics of study including U.S. telecommunications policy, media and social construction, and digital divide issues. Her interests also include gender studies and historiography, with master’s research focusing on online communities and conspiracy theory.

Festival Jurors

Hugh ForrestHugh Forrest

Hugh Forrest is the Event Director of the South by Southwest (SXSW) Interactive Festival in Austin, Texas. Established in 1994, this five-day event celebrates the most creative minds in the new media industry. Before becoming part of the digital revolution, Forrest was deeply involved with newspapers — first as publisher of the Austin Challenger, then as editor of the Texas Sports Chronicle (he has also freelanced for various other publications). He was a 1984 graduate of Kenyon College in Gambier, Ohio, where he majored in English and captained the basketball team.

Karen Kocher

Karen Kocher is on the faculty of the Radio-TV-Film Department at the University of Texas at Austin, and is an award-winning independent media and multimedia producer. Her production credits include “Austin Past and Present,” a comprehensive computer- based documentary about the history of Austin, Texas, and “Barton Springs Interactive,” created for the Texas Environmental Center.

Cristina SáCristina Sá

Cristina Sá was born in Portugal in 1973. She teaches at the School of Arts of the Universidade Católica Portuguesa (Porto) and performs research at CITAR (Porto) and CECL (Lisbon). Her Doctorate thesis, currently in development at the Universidade Nova de Lisboa, is titled “Interfacing Art, Technology and Experience.” In 2001 she finished a Master’s degree in Sound and Image, specializing in Digital Arts, at the School of Arts of the Catholic University of Porto. In addition to her teaching and research, she develops artistic projects with
interactive artists and performers.

“Nascida em Dezembro de 1973, encontra-se em doutoramento na Faculdade de Ciências Sociais e Humanas da Universidade Nova de Lisboa, desenvolvendo a tese: “Arte, tecnologia e experiência – em interface”. Em 2001 concluiu o Mestrado em Artes Digitais: ramo Multimédia pela Escola das Artes da Universidade Católica Portuguesa, em 1997 concluiu a Licenciatura em Gestão e Engenharia Industrial, pela Faculdade de Engenharia da Universidade do Porto. É docente da Escola das Artes da UCP, é colaboradora do CECL (Lisboa) e do CITAR (Porto) onde desenvolve a sua investigação.”


Workshop leaders

Golan LevinGolan Levin

Golan Levin is an artist/engineer interested in the exploration of new modes of reactive expression. His work focuses on the design of systems for the creation, manipulation and performance of simultaneous image and sound, as part of a more general inquiry into formal languages of interactivity, and of nonverbal communications protocols in cybernetic systems. Through performances, digital artifacts, and virtual environments, Levin applies creative twists to digital technologies that highlight our relationship with machines, make visible our ways of interacting with each other, and explore the intersection of abstract communication and interactivity. Levin is Director of the STUDIO for Creative Inquiry and Associate Professor of Electronic Art at Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh.

Valentina NisiValentina Nisi

Valentina Nisi (valentina.nisi@gmail.com) holds a PhD on Location Aware Narratives and an MSc in Multimedia Systems from Trinity College Dublin (TCD). From 2006 until 2008 Valentina has been working as a designer and producer of Location Based Mobile Stories between Ireland and Holland. In Amsterdam she was awarded grants from the Dutch government to set up FattoriaMediale, a digital media and culture foundation together with Martine PostHuma de Boer and Dr. Ian Oakley. Previously she worked with Glorianna Davenport at MediaLabEurope MIT research partner and at Trinity College Distributed Systems research group with Dr. Mads Haahr researching the potential of wireless mobile technologies and audiovisual non-linear narratives. Valentina is currently Assistant Professor within the CMU/Portugal program at the
University of Madeira. She is teaching Service Design and Embodied Interaction. Her work has been shown and published internationally.



Other Participants

Rádio ZeroRádio Zero

Rádio Zero is a university radio in Lisbon, Portugal, streaming 24/7 on the web promoting free access to broadcasting and allowing any person access to radio. It strives to instigate and promote unorthodox or exploratory uses of radio, as content, form or technology.

Radio Zero is one of the founding partners of the Radia network of radios is responsible for the bienal Radio Art Festival in Lisboa, RadiaLx.

Implicitly connected with its phylosophy is the development of radio software technology targeting community radios, which have different needs from other type of broadcasters.

Other participants include:

Jon Wozencroft

Nuno Correia

Carlos Guedes

Bruce Pennycook

Nuno Martins

Manuela São Simão


The Future Places Impromptu All-stars Orchestra