[U.] Porto Pessoal

Personal (U)Porto is about mapping personal geographies with the aim of learning about the city and its people now, and stumbling upon hidden/forgotten/overlooked urban treasures.

The city is us, its people, so looking at our personal urban geographies and how they intertwine and intersect is the aim of this exercise. We will work on a sample that combines stories of its notable citizens and anonymous everyday heroes, all unfolding in Porto. The University of Porto legacy will provide us with personal geographies of some remarkable Portuenses to start a possible chapter of an atlas. We will then complement it with landmarks of our own (or our aliases) (hi)stories and memories. We will have large scale printed city plans to work with, but it is also OK to think outside the map! If we are very lucky, we may convince AntiFluffy himself to get involved and map some places of antifluffiness, saving them from oblivion [or saving them from fluff? – ed.]. Each one of us will tell (map) their story, and all together they tell a fraction of the story of Porto now.

Open to all: the more diverse, the better.

At the end of the lab, participants will have new insights into Porto’s spirit of place, into the University and its heritage, and into our own place within the city.

Participants should bring:
Writing and drawing equipment, stationery material.

Maria Manuela Pinto is assistant professor at the Communication and Information Sciences Department, Faculty of Arts of University of Porto. She holds a PhD in Information and Communication in Digital Platforms (University of Porto and University of Aveiro) and teaches in the area of Information Science, Communication Sciences and Museology. She is integrated member of the Centre for Research in Communication, Information and Digital Culture (CIC.Digital Porto) and collaborator of  the Centre for Innovation, Technology and Entrepreneurship / Institute for Systems and Computer Engineering, Technology and Science (CITE/INESCTEC, Associate Laboratory). Currently, she coordinates the project Digital Museum of the University of Porto. Her interest fields are: infocommunicational processes mediated by ICT; information management; information services management; R&D and Innovation management; and Entrepreneurship.

Jelena Savić is an architect – designer and researcher. Her main field of interest is cultural heritage. She has been active in heritage preservation and research, architectural education and architectural design. Between 2004 and 2014, she worked as an expert associate for cultural heritage in the Heritage Preservation Institute of the Republic of Srpska. From 2007 to 2013, she was also a visiting assistant at the University of Banjaluka. She holds a PhD degree from the Faculty of Architecture, University of Belgrade, Serbia (2013). She has been active in ICOM (International Committee of Museums), as well as its National Committee for Bosnia and Herzegovina, CAMOC (International Committee for the Collections and Museums of Cities) and EAUH (European Association of Urban Historians). Currently, she is pursuing a PhD in Design research project in Porto, centered on cultural heritage and sense of place in the contemporary city.

Coordination Manuela Pinto Jelena Savić
ScheduleFriday 21 Oct 10.30AM-1.30PM (open workshop) 3PM-6PM (post-production)
Location Reitoria U.Porto (AM) FLUP I&D - Communication Sciences (PM)