Museum of Ransom: What’s Next?

This lab will be split into two different sessions. In the first one participants will be challenged to build new narratives combining existing video and sound footage from our archive and their own. In the second one participants will be invited to present their final videos and contribute in a think tank debate about the value of a participatory open archive of amateur, mundane and vernacular videos of everyday lives.

The Museum of Ransom is a website that gathers different views on everyday local cultures, recorded in video by every kind of talent with any kind of video equipment. More than a year after its launch, we ask now what can we do with this archive? What interests can it serve? How to take advantage of its values? How to structure, edit and interpret it?

Join us and contribute to this debate with your own experience and view on what can be the future of ransom.

Coordination Daniel Brandão, Helena Borges and André Almeida
Schedule30 Oct, 11AM – 1PM 1 Nov, 2 – 4PM
Location @ PhDDesign studio, UPTEC PINC
Maximum number of participants: 15 Participants should bring: laptops with video editing software, home video and sound footage and video cameras (it can be a mobile phone).