Mobile, Digital, Cooperative: RADIATE YOURSELF

Learn how to stream through the web from mobile locations. Learn to set up a portable local radio broadcasting studio and explore the potencialities of webstream and microFM engagment.

Bertoldt Brecht asked for a Radio that could work as a listening and sending device but things worked out differently. Regulatory needs under political and military motivations rendered Radio a broadcast medium where passive listening is the rule and access restricted.

Then enter digital platforms, with open rules of access/content and Brecht’s ideas may finally come to fruition. Listening and broadcasting can be done in the same apparatus: the computer. And the computer is the gateway and tool to re-think radio and expand its possibilities. More devices to follow. This workshop addresses the two questions that remain: “How to do it in practice” and then, “What to do with it”.

Two-day lab + participatory website.

Coordination Radio Zero
Schedule19 + 20 October 10AM - 5PM
Location Maus Habitos, Porto