Hack a Farm

An open lab aiming at discussing, designing and prototyping new interfaces for Open Agriculture.

To Hack the Farm can also be to design personal interfaces that make Agriculture Data (sensor and user generated data) comprehensive, useful and shareable. It is not a fixed methodology process. By the contrary, as an exploratory process, it is pointed at a very broad public and it aims to introduce subjectivism and personal expertise. In opposition to a design process aimed for universality the idea of hacking is also to make design for personal use.

The Lab is divided in three main stages:
1. Discussion
2. Design (sketching interaction models) Given the hardware (sensor or user generated) data sources available for the workshop the coLaber is invited to sketch interface design proposals.
3. Prototyping.

All Welcome! We will adapt the workgroups and level the objectives to the set of skills and knowledge present in the group. Programmers, graphic designers, sound designers, media artists, farmers, urban farmers, are all welcome and needed!

Participants should bring writing and drawing equipment, stationery material.

André Rocha is a Senior Product and Interaction designer (Founder at EVOL/LEVO) and professor (ESELx – IPL // ESAD.cr) currently enrolled in the UT Austin | Portugal Digital Media PhD program. He started his career in 2003 designing products with a group of Artisans in southern Portugal (Alentejo). Somehow, in the middle of advertising agency work, trade fair stands, big events, design and production discovered arduino, processing, code, and a lot of things he came to admire, explore, use and research with and about. This experiences led to a balance between two parallel environments where he design, teaches and researches: the tech/hacking/ DiY/collaborative/open source and the craft product design experiences. He actively collaborates with DAR (d21s.org) as its Hackerspace/Fablab Coordinator and with Creative Commons Portugal as Technical Lead.

Coordination André Rocha + two Computer Science Undergrads from Lisbon University + a Biomedical Engineering Grad from Coimbra University.
ScheduleThursday 20 Oct, 10:30AM-1:30PM Friday 21 Oct, 3-6PM
Location UPTEC PINC garden