Hack a Farm //////// GROUU

Understanding technology through farming.

First we will develop a demo, where we will build a DiY soil moisture sensor, then connect it to a water pump and/or publish the collected data on the internet.
Afterwards, we will discuss, design, implement locally and document a team project.

Who may be interested in joining?
Hackers and farmers. And citizens.

Prior skills needed:
Your experience and knowledge or lack of it will be welcomed: The idea is to work together and share ideas and experiences.

Participants should bring:
(not mandatory – most of these things will be available but more always helps)
Computer; Arduino; Breadboards; Solder Iron; Spare electronics prototyping materials and components; Plants and vases;

At the end of the lab, participants will have:
A DiY moisture sensor, that they will be able to connect to an arduino any time; Hopefully, lots of ideas to make use of. Depending on the group and it’s characteristics it is our idea to leave on the PINC farm an independent system, working, sharing data, interacting…….

Coordination André Rocha
Schedule22 October, 10:30AM-1:30PM 23 October, 10AM-1PM
Location UPTEC PINC EDEN farm Praça Coronel Pacheco 2 4050-453 Porto | Portugal

Maximum number of participants: 10

No registration needed.