Antifluffy: the Game

Pedro Cardoso
Ricardo Melo

Ready-made storytelling with found objects.


Antifluffy: The Game! is a game/ workshop/ creative exercise that combines unexpectedness, chance, randomness, and what we call aesthetic friction to create the conditions for creativity, imagination, and for breaking the hedonistic loop typical of games, in order for meaning to emerge from play. Attention: this is not a fluffy game!

Participants must bring:

* Lots of magnetic tape (to create Antifluffies)

* Random objects/stuff/junk that can be tampered with

* Scissors, adhesive tape, newspapers, magazines, cardboard that can be used/destroyed, magnetic tape (if possible), and any or whatever materials you find in your way to the workshop that you find interesting – at least one.

* We also require open-mindness, tolerance for nonsense, a sharp eye and a sharper mind. We will provide the rest.

At the end of the lab, participants will be able to:

– understand how the design of game mechanics affect the dynamics and aesthetic value of play

– learn how play can be used as a methodology for ideation and creative thinking

– develop emergent narratives