An Uncertain Film

Shoot as if the camera was an extension of yourself.

The lab within the lab. A camera wanders off, registering the fragmented reality through several points of view of the ephemeral spontaneous. This lab will challenge participants to get lost, stumble upon what’s surrounding them, where curiosity emerges as a leitmotiv, having the moving camera as a tool for direct experience. Later on, the multiple visions will be edited in a collective documentary.

Who can participate?
Documentarians, filmmakers, ethnographers, graphic designers, multimedia artists, journalists, citizens in general eager and willing to document Porto.

Participants should bring: camera, microphones and/or sound recorder (this equipment doesn’t have to be professional!)

Daniel Brandão is from Porto, teaches Design at IPCA and ESAP, holds a PhD in Digital Media and is a freelance Communication Designer. He is the author of Museum of Ransom (, a participatory website which aggregates video made by citizens as cultural heritage.

Vanessa Rodrigues, story hunter, journalist, PHD researcher on documentary for social change; has been working with documentary in Jordan, Brazil and Portugal. Teaches journalism at Universidade Lusófona do Porto. Loves liquid horizons, sunsets, storytelling and long sequence shots.

Ana Clara Nunes Roberti (1991), Brazilian, based in Porto, is a PhD researcher on documentaries. She holds a graduation in Social Communication and a Master Degree in Image Design She worked as director in documentaries presented and awarded in different festivals, participated in fiction movies performing different roles, and also created photography and video exhibitions. She has lived in Sicily (Italy) and worked as a volunteer on diferente social projects. She also work with radio and writting. She attends the PhD Design (University of Porto, FCT, UPTEC, University of Aveiro).

Coordination Daniel Brandão Vanessa Rodrigues Ana Clara Nunes Roberti
ScheduleThursday 20 October Friday 21 October 3-6PM
Location UPTEC PINC, PhDDesign studio