19 Diaries (slight return)

Documenting futureplaces with no photography, no video, no sound.

Participants will be invited to create a sketchbook diary of their FUTUREPLACES experience. They can use any means except the “expected” audiovisual mediation. Illustration, drawing, collage, transcripts…….. DYI, instinctive.

Who may be interested in joining?

Prior skills needed:

Participants should bring:
art and craft materials of their choice. Sketchbooks will be provided.

At the end of the lab, participants will have:
An experience of unmediated documentation.

Coordination José Carneiro Heitor Alvelos
ScheduleWednesday 18 Oct, 4-5PM Then individually throughout futureplaces
Location UPTEC PINC PhDDesign studio Praça Coronel Pacheco 2 4050-453 Porto | Portugal All over FP (afterwards)