Ten Editions of FuturePlaces Posters

This exhibition offers a selection of FUTUREPLACES posters throughout the ten editions of the festival-medialab; not all posters produced are present, but all editions are represented at least once.

The design of each FUTUREPLACES edition has always attempted to both reflect and challenge the zeitgeist, and the expectations we project onto it; this is why earlier designs were rather imposing, and gradually gave way to more fluid designs, with moods ranging from the melancholic to the celebratory, from the moody to the exotic.

Some posters seemed to become favourites: the octopi (2010), the Zotl turtle (2012), the seaside Antifluffy (2013) and the ready-made collage (2016) were particularly well-received; others just did not quite “hit the mark” and were soon forgotten. Wwe will let you guess which specific section is dedicated to these “half-failures”. Yet all posters weave a common narrative in the end, as references, formal details and aesthetics resurface and re-contextualise.

All are art directed by Heitor Alvelos, assisted at various times by Anselmo Canha, Fátima São Simão, Philip Marshall, Ricardo Lafuente, Ana Carvalho, Riot Films, Daniel Brandão, Miguel Carvalhais, Chris McConnell, Geoff Marslett, José Carneiro, Júlio Dolbeth, Paulo Silva, Mafalda Nobre, Júlio Dolbeth, autodigest, Luís Barbosa and Rui Monteiro. The 2012 bestiary is by Aloys Zötl.