Film in 2013: What, How, Why?

Film in 2013: What, How, Why?

@ Maus Habitos, 31 Oct, 3PM >>


Film faces major challenges and transformations in these early days of the 21st Century. Its fundamental medium has changed, its modes of dissemination have increased exponentially, editing tools and capabilities have risen beyond our wildest dreams.

Ultimately, it’s the perception and expectations of what used to be called an “audience” that have fundamentally changed beyond recognition. From prosumers to collectors, from remixers to documentarists, from protagonists to archivists: our roles and connections with film have fragmented and have yet to reconfigure. Can they? Should they?

This session is meant to be an informal talk where five people with different backgrounds and entry points in the world of film can draft a navigational map for the multiple expressions of film in 2013. And maybe, who knows, find answers to one another’s issues and questions.

Nancy Schiesari
Bruce Geduldig
Andreia Magalhães
Debbie Anzalone
André Almeida
+ moderator TBC

photo: still by Bruce Geduldig