expanded_cinema.performance(live_coding, circuit_bending, glitching, noising, antifluffying).play;

by Ana Romão, Cláudia Oliveira, Daniel Rodrigues Correia, Francisca Rocha Gonçalves, Inês Castanheira, Ivo Teixeira, João Henriques, João Neves, Mariana Sardon, Pedro Cardoso, Rodrigo Carvalho, Tiago Araújo.

23 October, 10PM
@ Passos Manuel


We are musicians, DJs, artists, designers, illustrators, musicians, professors, students, amateurs… We met last May in a workshop lectured by Julio D’Escriván on live coding, and since then we have been enjoying playing together.

This will be our fourth concert. It will be divided into distinct audiovisual performances where image and sound are generated in real time through the use live coding, circuit-bended artefacts and other sonorous gadgets, including old video game consoles, radios, etc.

Although all performances possess different themes, transpiring alternate environments and soundscapes, they all emerge from code typed, arranged and executed in real time, which is the basis of the overall audiovisual compositions that are, therefore, generated in real time as well. As a result, each performance can be somewhat unpredictable, returning alternate and, sometimes, unexpected outcomes.

Photo © Luís Miguel Silva