Arcade Room: Where visitors play video games


Exhibition of works by Alexandra Ramos, Anna Ntagiou, Bruno Pacheco, Daniel Pereira, Francisco Maciel, Hugo Ferreira, Inês de Oliveira, José Pinto, João Dias, João Pinto, Luis Abreu, Luis Araújo, Luis Cleto, Luís Cepa, Miguel Marques, Mónica Correia, Paulo Guilherme Barrios, Sérgio Gomes, Tania Cunha, Tiago Andrade, Válter Santos.

Curated by António Coelho, Pedro Cardoso, Rui Rodrigues.

23 October, 10PM onwards
@ Passos Manuel

In the “Arcade Room” exhibition visitors are invited to play prototypes of video games that were created during the last school year by design and engineering students in the context of the collaborations established between the Faculty of Fine Arts and the Faculty of Engineering from the University of Porto. For many students this was their first contact with game art, design and development while producing actual working prototypes. This exhibition emerges from their willingness to show their work to the general public.