2017 Copywrong


A Performance
18 October, 7PM
@ UPTEC PINC garden

Copywrong is a “performance-as-tool” developed to help artists understand how they can overcome the complexity and obscurity of copyright. It is the result of a series of workshops, discussions and interviews with actors, dancers and other performers and artists, who deal with matters of live creation.

This collaborative experience, designed for creators (particularly performers), combines academic research (Fátima São Simão – economist), artistic experience (Rogério Nuno Costa – performing artist and researcher – and Daniel Pinheiro – media artist) and legal practice of (Teresa Nobre – lawyer), with the aim of building a tool that could be both effective and adaptable to different local contexts.

Somewhere sitting between a toolkit and a fake trial, Copywrong presents different options to the same problems, depending on what the creator chooses to do in terms of copyright: strictly following the rules, totally ignoring them or finding alternative possibilities (namely, through the use open licenses or taking advantage of legal flaws).

Find more at https://copywrong-cc.tumblr.com