2017 Antifluffy Sings

Antifluffy sings
songs that will not live forever

CD launch and listening session
with documentary film by Daniel Brandão over footage by Bruce Geduldig et al
Saturday 21 Oct, 8PM @ Passos Manuel
(free CD for all present)
Release will be simultaneously launched at futureplaces.bandcamp.com

A live and studio re-invention of karaoke night at futureplaces, Passos Manuel, 21 November 2016.
Source audio is a remix of videogame soundtracks produced within the scope of PDMD and MM, U.Porto, coordinated by Pedro Cardoso, António Coelho and Rui Rodrigues.

Audio remixes by Diogo Cocharro, Eduardo Magalhães, Filipe Teixeira, Hugo Mesquita, João Mota, José Ricardo Barboza.

Antifluffy on this occasion incarnated on Anselmo Canha, Daniel Brandão, Heitor Alvelos, João Marçal, José Maria Lopes and various youtube pets.

Additional soundscapes and overdubs by Heitor Alvelos.
Edited by Heitor Alvelos, mastered by Eduardo Magalhães.Produced for futureplaces audiolab by Heitor Alvelos, November 2016 – September 2017.
With thanks to Bruce Geduldig and Bernadette Martou for the shared incubation of Antifluffy. We promised to carry on: here we are.