In the box or out of the box?

A talk by Jono Podmore
22 October, 5PM
@ UPTEC PINC – garden pavilion

Discussing contemporary production techniques and aesthetic approaches, concentrating on the relationship between digital and analogue audio technology and its impact on the music itself. Areas include: Digital v Analogue recording and mixing, the return to vinyl and the Theremin as the epitome of analogue method.


Jono Podmore aka Kumo ­

Professor of the practice of popular music at the prestigious “Hochschule für Musik” in Cologne, Germany ­ is best known latterly for his tireless work curating and managing the archives of Krautrock pioneers Can. In this respect, his by proxy masterstroke to date has been assembling the essential The Lost Tapes boxset; which distilled, edited and spliced together reels and reels of Can’s studio outtakes, film scores and live recordings into a labyrinthine yet accessible package that adjoins the band’s already illustrious catalogue with well­crafted cohesiveness.

His established group Metamono finds new life in vintage analogue and hand made electronics. Releasing their debut album With the compliments of Nuclear Physics in 2013, Metamono continue with live performances, installations and film projects across Europe including Secrets of Nature ­ Sounds Unseen: live electronic for silent British film. A second album is planned for early 2016.

Outside of Metamono and Can duties, Podmore has been no slouch with his own musical projects. Amongst many things, Podmore has worked under his Kumo alias across multiple releases, performances and installations that have included collaborations with the likes of B.J. Cole, Irmin Schmidt and Jose Padilla; his ongoing Horrorshow multimedia venture grafts live soundtracks to short films.

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