2014 Performances

Two performances/installations emerging from the Multimedia and Performing Arts course, coordinated by Rui Penha.


Knock 4
Francisca Gonçalves
Daniel Correia
Eva Marques
Maria Meireles
Margarida Moura

Knock4 challenges our interaction with the resonant characteristics of the woodpecker, awaking our awareness of space and movement through sound and visual particles.

This interactive installation invites the participants to get involved with a simulated forest, in which they’ll have the possibility to absorb the communicating ability of the woodpecker exploiting their resonant proprieties.
Knocking on several boxes made of different textures, the participants will have the chance to interact with sound and visual particles influencing the movement in the video inside of each box and sound in the space.


In Between the Box
Ivo Teixeira
Flavia Larocca
Diogo Martins
Mónica Freitas
Chan S.Nara
Paulo Brandão

InBetweenTheBox creates an immersive environment that aims at exploring the relation between virtual and physical space and the way the feeble border between them influences the consciousness of our body and its dislocation in space. It consists of a 10-minute performance happening in a cube made of a metal structure measuring 2,50 meters per side and covered with semi transparent sheets of plastic on the 4 lateral sides. A sequence of mapped videos is projected on the plastic while a person is moving inside the cube interacting with the videos, and its own shadow. The person inside the box will then disappear, leaving the cube work on its own as an installation, open to exploration and interaction of the audience.