2013 Labs

More labs to be added. Come back!

29 OCT
11AM – 12:30pm


Presentation and sampling of various workshops being offered throughout the week.
@ UPTEC PINC auditorium



Coordinator: Rita Sá
In this workshop we will make collaborative stop-motion animations with a modular construction kit provided on site. With this kit – composed out of laser cut figures and CNC printed tracks that can be easily mounted – we will bring “action figures” to the streets of Porto, exploring their interaction with the locals and with their different surroundings.
The modular figures have their origin in the DITs’ website* and allow the participants to “mix and match” their own characters and settings. The short animations will be combined into different films (mix and match shorts) which will be screened at the final presentation and also made available online.
* Do It Together {Space, Site & Share}

Maximum number of participants: 8
Participants should bring: digital camera and/or audio recording device (this is not a requirement as some equipment is available)
30 Oct, 2 – 5PM
1 Nov, 10AM – 1PM
Location: meet @ UPTEC PINC.

soma_logo_pretoSOMA – collaborative musicians map

Coordinator: João Bento Soares
SOMA is a self-sufficient musicians network.
 SOMA allows two musicians (minimum) to create a song or a sound recording and deliver it in a audio format. 
“It’s about creating a network of connections and building a map of musicians.”
Maximum number of participants: n/a
Schedule: 29 Oct – 1 Nov, ongoing
Location: info session @ UPTEC PINC, then online.

FP-thumb-1080-72dpiGAMES TO THE PEOPLE

Creating video games with Blender
Coordinator: Pedro Cardoso
The goal of this workshop is to initiate the participants in 3D and game development using Blender (blender.org) — a free and open source software for 3D computer graphics. Its embed game engine easily allows users to prototype video games and other interactive 3D digital environments, due to an accessible visual programming interface.
In the first part of the workshop, the participants will be instructed to recreate a classic video game, and in the second they will create an alternative and functional version of the game, applying the newly acquired skills and by further exploring the software.
Target Audience: Enthusiasts and beginners in the conception and development of video games and 3D virtual environments. It is not required for participants to possess any experience with Blender or with other 3D tools, or even to know any programming language.
Introduction to the Blender interface;
Introduction to the Blender Game Engine;
Physics and Materials.
Length: 4 hours.
Number of participants: 10 to 20.
Participants should bring: Their own laptop (Mac, Windows, or Linux) with Blender 2.68 (or later) previously installed. A three-button mouse.
Schedule: 29 Oct, 2 – 6PM.
Location: @ PhDDesign studio, UPTEC PINC


Coordinators: Daniel Brandão, Helena Borges and André Almeida
This lab will be split into two different sessions. In the first one participants will be challenged to build new narratives combining existing video and sound footage from our archive and their own. In the second one participants will be invited to present their final videos and contribute in a think tank debate about the value of a participatory open archive of amateur, mundane and vernacular videos of everyday lives.
The Museum of Ransom is a website that gathers different views on everyday local cultures, recorded in video by every kind of talent with any kind of video equipment. More than a year after its launch, we ask now what can we do with this archive? What interests can it serve? How to take advantage of its values? How to structure, edit and interpret it?
Join us and contribute to this debate with your own experience and view on what can be the future of ransom.
Length: 2 hours + 2 hours
Maximum number of participants: 15
Participants should bring: laptops with video editing software, home video and sound footage and video cameras (it can be a mobile phone).
30 Oct, 11AM – 1PM
1 Nov, 2 – 4PM
Location: @ PhDDesign studio, UPTEC PINC


Coordinator: Luís Barbosa
Participants will be invited to explore a very specific territory of the city. They will use documentary photography as the tool for symbolic representation.
Porto reveals many many many micro-narratives every day, every hour, every second. Come photograph some of them.
We will then choose the best images and produce an exhibition.
Maximum number of participants: 15
Participants need to bring: photo cameras of any kind. iPhones and the like are OK.
Schedule: 31 Oct, 10AM – 1PM
Location: UPTEC PINC gardens.

silent_objectsSILENT OBJECTS

Urban archaeology for an instant museum of unorthodox objects.
Coordinator: Pedro Carvalho de Almeida
Silent objects is a blind workshop and a challenge.
Participants are invited to wander around remnants of traditional commercial activities and spaces in downtown Porto.
A series of objects without any particular background information will be gathered.
How do people interpret and respond to objects devoid of any contextual information?
What stories can be imagined?
What would one like to know about these objects?
How can they address commerce and societal change?
Maximum number of participants: 12
Participants should bring: a digital camera and an open mind!
29 Oct, 2 – 5PM
31 Oct, 10AM – 1PM
Location: UPTEC PINC, FBAUP building, room 2 (first floor)

antifluffwWE ARE THE FLUFF

Coordinator: Antifluffy
An exercise in post-digital immediatism.
Schedule: 3 Nov, 1AM (night of 2 Nov)
Location: Maus Hábitos
Maximum number of participants: Yes.