Confirmed: NEGATIVLAND to join futureplaces 2012

Negativland, known for their sound collage compositions, copyright activism, and culture jamming  — and of course the infamous U2 incident —, are now confirmed. Expect lots of noise, beautiful music, food for thought and dead serious humor!

Negativland’s newest live performance project, “The Booper Symphony” finds them teaming up with with San Francisco electronic musician Wobbly for a unique performance that showcases Negativland’s homemade one-of-a-kind electronic noise making devices that they call “Boopers.” These devices are intentionally unstable analog feedback boxes that create a non-linear dynamic “living” system of sound that Negativland interacts with to produce an engaging and musical soundscape performance. Using multiple Boopers as primary sound sources for inherently unstable improvisations, Negativland further manipulates and augments the raw sound sources into a choral rainforest of pure electronic ear candy, erasing any easy distinction between the machine and the human. Recent performances of this show have been given at the Stanford Electronic Music Center, Cafe Oto in London, and the Pompidou Centre in Paris.