More futureplaces 2011 workshops announced

Registration will open soon. Watch this space.

Experimental Animation Workshop: Ghosts of Spaces

In this hands-on workshop participants will create short animations using experimental techniques. The class is designed especially to enhance the practice of artists and filmmakers, but is open to all. Participants will learn a variety of hand-made techniques including cut paper, light-based, and hand-drawn animation. These techniques will be used to create animated realms. We will focus on the lives of spaces over time, and how the residue of the past affects the present. Participants will be encouraged to reinvent and playfully engage the medium to support their ideas. The individual animated works will be combined together into a single virtual realm, which will be screened at the final presentation.


Mobile, Digital, Cooperative : radiate yourself

Learn how to stream through the web from mobile locations. Learn to set up a portable local radio broadcasting studio and explore the potencialities of webstream and microFM engagment.

Bertoldt Brecht asked for a Radio that could work as a listening and sending device but things worked out differently. Regulatory needs under political and military motivations rendered Radio a broadcast medium where passive listening is the rule and access restricted.

Then enter digital platforms, with open rules of access/content and Brecht’s ideas may finally come to fruition. Listening and broadcasting can be done in the same apparatus: the computer. And the computer is the gateway and tool to re-think radio and expand its possibilities. More devices to follow. This workshop addresses the two questions that remain: “How to do it in practice” and then, “What to do with it”.