First futureplaces 2011 workshop announced

Basic 3D Modeling: An Introduction to Blender

The Basic 3D Modeling workshop is intended for individuals with little or no experience using 3D modeling software. We will be using Blender, an open source software 3D content production suite compatible with all major operating systems. The program can be freely downloaded by participants for use on their own machines.

This workshop will familiarize participants with the 3D production environment and interface, basic 3D manipulation and transformation of objects, surface and texture modification, lighting, and scene construction. Participants will have the opportunity to work individually or in groups to create a virtual scene of their choosing based on fictitious or real-world environments, objects, and characters.

At the end of the workshop participants will have rendered still images of their scenes for exhibition. Completion of this workshop will give participants the necessary background to begin experimenting with 3D animation.

More info and applications in the coming weeks. Stay tuned.