{{:serendipicity_graph1.png|}} Serendipicity lets you discover a city through someone else's eyes. Traditional tourist guides give info on main attractions but are too broad and fail to mention all the unexpected details. They can't surprise. With Serendipicity you learn about a city through other people's experiences. It's a location-based application which shows users photos taken within walking distance (0.5-6Km) and how to get there. It's highly immersive, closeness brings the images into the user's life. This location-based mobile application taps directly into local creative communities by pulling geolocalised photos from public web sources (Flickr) and mapping them within the close vicinity of the user. It augments a users' perception of their surroundings by showing them how it is seen by others, opening up unsuspected realities, how others experience the same place. Users gain a window onto other people's personal narratives and, if they wish, they can easily go experience the context where they took place. {{:serendipicity_screenshot.png|}} The application can be used on a Flash-enabled mobile, most recent Nokia or Android handsets can run it, please point your mobile browser to www.serendipicity.com and follow the instructions. An iPhone version will become available in the near future. {{:pedro_320.jpg|}} Pedro Fernandes is an interaction designer based in Paris. He has worked on a wide range of projects in the UK and France for corporate, institutional and arts organisations (BBC, Sadler's Wells, UEFA, SNCF, ResonanceFM) and artists such as Merce Cunningham, Pina Bausch or Robert Wilson. One of his favourite subjects is the introduction of serendipity and casual discovery into navigation systems, exploring alternative models to the widespread category drill-down approach and social recommendation engines. He studied at the Manchester Metropolitan University and the Royal College of Art. He currently works as an interaction designer at TBWA\365.

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