{{:ee_landscape_2.jpg|}} ======= After the Exhibition: ===== I want to thank the Future Places staff for providing such an excellent effort in making this a remarkable festival :) Not me mention the participants too. In three days, Espanta Espíritos captures over 500 secrets. A truly astonishing number of confessions if I may say so :D Bellow is a short film of the installation: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-geAbDRX9Vc ======= About the Art: ===== Who never whispered a secret to a wind chime, or saw it scare off evil spirits will have the opportunity to do so on a massive scale. The **Espanta Espíritos** is an interactive sculpture that embodies the spiritual and physical features of a wind chime. This piece presents itself as a **giant** wind chime made out of recyclable material, the size of a person, and ready for outdoors or indoors. People can whisper secrets to the **Espanta Espíritos**, and through a microphone, it will keep these anonymous secrets forever. Natural wind, or a specially designed reactive fan, will cause the **Espanta Espíritos** to move, and then play these recordings through different audio effects, recreating the secret as if said by spirits. To enhance the illusion, phantasmagoric videos of those who whispered will be projected on the sculpture. Some sketches of the sculpture {{:in_line_2_.jpg|}} **Espanta Espíritos** blends haptic, visual and auditory senses with the real, the spiritual and the virtual in one space. Elegantly simple, **Espanta Espíritos** seeks out user input – secrets and faces – and replays them, old and new, in a morphed and deeply moving way. Although this piece uses advanced technology, it preserves the ancient function held by the wind chime of attracting kind spirits, the secrets, and frightening away lurking evil spirits, the morphed sounds. It makes the private become public, yet unrecognizable. Constructs rich narratives from people's secrets. Becomes wiser with time. In its core, the goal behind **Espanta Espíritos** is to: 1) seamlessly unify old symbols with new media; 2) encourage community involvement in an artistic project, and; 3) Promote sustainable design. Here is a video of the last exhibit: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TNRKZbM6kF0 **NEWS: Real time video stream:** making-of the Espanta Espíritos just click on the link below: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/espanta-esp%C3%ADritos You can see me working on the sculpture. And later on, it will be feeding in real time the final installation. {{:yago_landscape.jpg|}} ====== About the Artist: ====== Being someone who was born in Brazil, lives in Portugal, and holds a Spanish nationality, is perhaps what sparked my interest in cross-cultural artistic expression. In-between these worlds I acquired broad experience in music, dance, video and ethnomusicology. Curiosity and drive were the engines that helped me pursue the research and practice of these areas in far-flung regions such as India, Norway and Panama. - Yago de Quay - Interactive Media Artist - www.yagodequay.com - yagostucky@gmail.com - +351 966 089 603 - twitter: yagodequay - skyper: yagoquay - facebook: yago de quay

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