Congrats to HiperBarrio!

Congratulations to our new friends @ HiperBarrio for winning the Prix Ars Electronica 2009 under the category Digital Communities. We believe HiperBarrio is a great example of how digital media can make a difference in a particular socio-cultural context.


From the Ars Electronica statement:

“HiperBarrio” is a community of young bloggers that developed out of what were initially two independent initiatives in Medellín, Colombia: Álvaro Ramírez’ video blogging workshops and the media workshops of Juliana Rincón and Jorge Montoya. They then joined forces to form four groups whose activities included blogging, workshops and events. The ConVerGentes group has succeeded in establishing itself locally as well as getting integrated into international networks. Thanks to a very active lineup of offerings, “HiperBarrio” is in the process of expanding its activities both on site and far beyond. In going about this, the proprietors formed a partnership with the Universidad Católica del Norte. “HiperBario” has been singled out for recognition with the Golden Nica in the DIGITAL COMMUNITIES category.