Future Places in Lisbon: 18-23 Nov

By invitation of the Secretary of State in Science, Technology and Higher Learning, FUTURE PLACES will be present at Portugal Tecnológico and Forum Ciência Viva, events taking place at the International Lisbon Fair. The Festival will hold a showcase of awarded installations and performances and will present the documentary video of its first edition.

“Portugal Tecnológico 2008” (2008 Technological Portugal) represents a clear evolution in the way major technological events are currently performed in Portugal. For the very first time, the concept is based in the vertical sectorization of various fields of activity. Therefore, within the same area we will host the most relevant stakeholders, ranging from start-ups to the Public Administration, which is one of the largest consumers of Technologies within our market and there will also be a presentation of companies that have contribute, with their solutions, for our current positive technological trade balance. In a area of over 20.000 square meters, Portugal Tecnológico will display the best solutions in a number of areas such as Health, Education, Transports and Communications, Environment, Tourism, Mobility, E-Government, Innovation, Safety and other. Portugal Tecnológico will truly be a showcase of solutions, from 18th – 23rd November at FIL