A message from Geoff.

goodbye portuguese friends (and one fin),

i had a wonderful time thanks to you all.

for those of you who didn’t have a chance to see my presentation at SHiFT, here is a secret link to a scene (a work in progress of a scene actually) from my upcoming film MARS…i did show some newer bits at the conference, but this is what i have easily available to share with you all.

we should be finishing the entire film this fall/winter and premiering in january. i hope to bring it to portugal sometime next year and will definitely let you all know. i also hope to be back here soon working through the UT/Portugal program. of course, if in the meantime any of you are involved in future projects/festivals/etc. and need an american animator/filmmaker, please let me know.

if any of you have a reason to come to texas, please look me up. i’d be happy to show you around and return the hospitality.

i wish i could stay a bit longer, but now i must go to the airport,