The results are out: the Future Places jury, consisting of Philip Dean, Geoff Marslett and André Rangel, has commended all applicants on the overall quality of the work submitted. Out of these, this year´s prizes were awarded to:

1st PRIZE:


Installation: Living Room Plankton
Living Room Plankton is an interactive visual installation which allows the user to interfere with an artificial organism growing process and daily routine. This interaction leads to plastic contemplation and often to identity reflections.

2nd PRIZE (ex-aequo)


Installation: Time Sifter

Time Sifter is a viewer-controlled environment immersed in visuals and sounds that plays on the theme of the time-machine in the digital age, and suggests a journey in time through motion, space and sound. A totem pole shaped steel construction, composed of circular wooden sieves, hand-crafted in Istanbul and retrofitted with projection material, is both the mechanism and the metaphor of sifting time.

2nd PRIZE (ex-aequo)


Performance: Burning the Sound

Burning the sound is a visually amplified sound art performance about the nature of rituals and the relation they establish with the state of power and control.

The jury also agreed to signal a few commendations, for work submitted that reveals a potential in particular areas of the Festival theme. These included:

Marta Calejo – Time Anchorage (intervention in public spaces)
Rui Penha – Digitopia (involvement of local communities)
Mónica Mendes – Loev (commercial potential)
Rui Coelho – various short films (use of technologies)
Mugue Belek and Frederico Fialho – Biophotonic Avatar (exploration of new materials).

More details soon… Congratulations to all!