Caroline Frick gives us a glimpse of her talk on TAMI

Here is a message from Caroline Frick, director of the Texas Archive of the Moving Image, speaking on the Thursday session starting at 2:30PM:

Olá!!  I am excited to be finally here in Porto for the Future Places conference.
Far too often, digital media are seen and discussed solely as new, cutting edge technologies.  But what if we choose to think of these “new” technologies as merely a contemporary version of “old” production and distribution mechanisms?  Speaking from the standpoint of a media historian and archivist, I find it more fascinating to see how discourse surrounding digital media mimics that which circulated at the advent of film.

On Thursday, I will be showing clips of “lost” film artifacts that have new life online and in communities across Texas, the United States and the world.  (Featuring some superb clips that you may think should have stayed lost!)  Please come join me to discuss how digital media can open up access to sub-national media content in an unparalleled way – if we can challenge archival practice to come along too….

(image: radio promo, 1960s)